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Sai Kung Town 西貢市

It is not very convenient to commute to Sai Kung because it is pretty far from the city areas of Hong Kong and you need to ride a mini bus there. Perhaps that’s a good thing because it would be a shame if Sai Kung was flooded with people. There’s much nature in the area — something that I did not suspect. The main highlights of Sai Kung would be their seafood. You basically choose what seafood you want, tell the servers how you want it cooked, and they’ll serve it to you.


Or you could buy them straight from fishing boats.


Sai Kung maintains a traditional economy of farmers. You can buy live catches, and the fisherman will clean it up for you. I didn’t get to try the seafood, but Sharon tells me that it’s delicious and 100% fresh.


Of course, in these areas of Hong Kong, there’s dried food. These are dried salted egg yolks  – fresh and new. I’m not sure how they do this since egg yolk is runny.


This is the completed batch of dried salted egg yolks. They look like gummy candies …


This amazes me the most. The fish is cut in half — from the head to tail — and then dried. How does the merchant cut the fish?



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