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Royal Dinette

I have heard many good things about Royal Dinette and after I received great news for my summer, I decided that I needed to celebrate at somewhere nice. Since Royal Dinette has been very trendy in Vancouver and considered to be a nice-ish place for me, I decided to go on a Friday night. I had very high expectations given all the positive feedback from all of my friends about this place.

Located right next to Blackbird Pub House, Royal Dinette celebrates the farm to table dining concept in his unique and ever-changing seasonal dishes. The atmosphere  at Royal Dinette was pretty laidback with a hint of elegance and rustic feel in its decor. The space was relatively large with dining tables and a large bar area inside. This is a good place to go with a few close friends and catch up over a bottle of wine and beautiful food.

2016-03-13 11.07.03

I really liked the interior colours at Royal Dinette. Everything was slightly amber with rusty tones to it.

2016-03-13 11.16.08-2

Lamb Tartare, Caramelized Yogurt, Sunchoke, Pear, Egg Yolk and Pumpernickel

The presentation was spot on and it looked delicious. In fact, it smelled delicious when we were taking it apart.

This dish was very savoury with a pleasant sweetness from the pear. I really enjoyed the flavours in the lamb tartare and how it perfectly blended with the other ingredients.

2016-03-13 11.36.12-2

Bucatini, White Anchovy, Broccoli, Caper, Lemon Garlic and Scallop Botarga

Before ordering this, I was a bit on the edge when I saw white anchovies as one of the ingredients. This pasta dish was definitely a bit unconventional but we decided to take a risk.

I didn’t notice this until I looked back at their menu but there definitely was not any scallop in it and the scallop botarga was clearly missing.

I was very taken back by this dish. If I had to describe it, this pasta dish was too unconventional for my liking because it basically tasted like lemon juice, capers and pasta.  I don’t think I have ever had a dish that had so many capers in it; the capers were basically a “sauce” mixing with another sour ingredient – lemon juice.

2016-03-13 11.59.23-2

Ling Cod, Supreme Broth, Sea Cucumber, Mussels, Abalone Mushroom

After finishing the pasta, we were really hoping that the ling cod would save us but it barely did any justice. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good enough to rescue me from the pasta.

The ling cod was cooked perfectly and it was absolutely delicious. The meat was juicy and moist with plenty of flavour.

On the other hand, everything else seemed a bit out of place. The supreme broth, sea cucumber, and abalone mushroom tasted like something I would eat at a traditional Chinese wedding in Hong Kong. I’m not say that it was a bad thing because it tasted great but then all of a sudden, there’s a Western piece of fish in the middle that threw me off a bit. My mind couldn’t really comprehend the fusion of cuisines and I wasn’t a fan of that.

I actually ended up asking the waiter what type of cuisine does Royal Dinette serve and he couldn’t really answer me because it wasn’t fusion nor was it traditional Italian or French. He even told me that they have a lunch option that is pasta with slow cooked pork, octopus and wait for it, XO sauce. Perhaps the dishes were a bit too different for my liking but I did appreciate the whole farm to table concept at Royal Dinette.

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