Ross Sandwiches and Ice Cream

Located almost right when you walk out of the the North Vancouver ferry pier, people would stop by Ross Sandwiches and Ice Cream for a cold treat since the location is convenient. It isn’t the best option in terms of taste and price but it’s on the way to the market.

Jacky and I went to North Vancouver on Canada Day to stay away from the crowd in down town. The sun was burning on that day so we stopped by Rosa Gourmet Sandwiches for an ice cream cone. Clearly the colour of the ice cream we chose was rocking the whole idea of Canada Day.



White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake 

I chose this flavour because it isn’t a normal flavour I would find in every ice cream shop in Vancouver.

The taste was creamy with bits of cheesecake and strawberry inside. I noticed the abnormal colour in the middle of my ice cream so I ate around it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mold but luckily I didn’t get sick from it.

Occasionally I would taste bubblegum flavours so I assumed that some of the ice cream scraps were remained on the scooper when the guy was scooping my ice cream.

Given the price, it wasn’t exactly worth it. I have been here before and their scoops got smaller. You would also notice that they claim their stuff is “gelato”, when it really isn’t. It’s creamy, but not creamy to the point that it’s gelato.

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