Phnom Penh

Talk about “Phnomenal” and”pho”cking amazing Vietnamese food! The last time we went on a group date with Chris and Cho was at Basil Pasta Bar, so we decided to catch up for lunch at the famous Phnom Penh in Chinatown.  Jacky and I have been here before and since our meeting time was exactly at lunch hour 12:30pm, we went early to line up. It was no surprise that we had to wait for almost an hour and it was crammed. People were getting impatient, giving up and complaining but *in dramatic voice* Jacky, Chris, Cho and I stood strong till we finally got our chance.

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Lime bites, chilli sauce and Hoi Sin sauce with a side dish of cooked bean sprouts.

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Safest and authentic, I went for the “Phnom Penh Beef Noodle Soup (CAD7.25)” a.k.a “Pho”. There were all sorts of beef inside including beef slices, beef balls, and tendon. I could tell that it wasn’t the powder MSG soup since there were beef bones in there, and the bone is where all the flavour is in the soup.  <- tip.

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Both Jacky and Chris ordered the “Phnom Penh Stewed Beef Rice Noodles (CAD7.50)” with assorted beef, carrots in a so-called spicy tomato soup. I expected the taste to be very strong and spiced but it tasted like homemade carrot and tomato soup. I would say that this dish was more clear and simple than my bowl of Pho.

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Ah yes…the famous “Deep Fried Chicken Wings (CAD1295 for a large)” was a must get every time we went. We devoured these babies in a jiffy. What so special about it? They are so crunchy and the spices that Phnom Penh use are different than other places. It isn’t spicy or sweet and sour but the taste is unique compared to other places.

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Cho went on the daring side for “Phnom Penh Rice Noodles (CAD6.50)” which has pig liver inside. As a Chinese, I love all these innards so I really wanted to try her dish. She had prawns, mussel, pork and pig liver for a better price than all of our’s that only had beef. Her order definitely had more diversity in it and the soup was similar to mine.

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