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When I heard that Pepper Lunch will be opening in Vancouver, all sorts of nostalgic emotions poured in. If you haven’t read my earlier Pepper Lunch post, I used to eat Pepper Lunch all the time after school at Festival Walk back in Hong Kong. This will be the first Pepper Lunch in Canada and they will be opening their doors to the public on March 14. Located in Richmond, Pepper Lunch is a 5-7 minute walk from Lansdowne Skytrain station.

Pepper Lunch Canada will be introducing Vancouverites to a DIY Japanese sizzle teppan eating style. We are talking about a hot sizzle plate with sauces, meat, rice and vegetables sizzling on top. Pepper Lunch first started in Japan in 1994 by Japanese Chef, Kunio Inchinose. Their fast and quick concept allows you to cook your own food over a hot plate that remains hot throughout the entire time that you eat. Don’t worry, the cooking process is really just stirring around.

Promoting local BC products and fresh ingredients, Pepper Lunch Canada will be using Canadian Certified Angus Beef, BC steelhead salmon and many other local spices, meats and produce. All ingredients are fresh, delivered and prepared on the day of.

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Each order has a thin paper wrap around it so the juice and sauces hitting the sizzle pan wouldn’t get on your shirt. After it stops sizzling for awhile, you can remove the paper to eat comfortably and easily.


Salmon Pepper Rice

The salmon was already half cooked so I wasn’t worried about eating raw salmon. The proper way to cook this is to mix everything to the centre of the teppan where it’s the hottest spot.

The first thing I tasted was pepper. Since this is “Pepper Lunch”, expect a lot of pepper in your orders.

The BC salmon was incredibly juicy and it tasted fresh. I was very content that it didn’t end up being too dry or chewy.

To add more flavour into the rice and corn, ask for their garlic sauce and drizzle it all over your food and let it sizzle a bit.


Kobe Style Burger 

If you’re into the grind beef texture and you want a cheaper price for Kobe beef, you should definitely try this out.

The Kobe Style Burger was indeed a juicy and savoury Kobe hamburger on a sizzling plate. It wasn’t too salty but it was indeed quite peppery. Other than the pepper, the taste was very flavourful and fresh.

A separate bowl of rice was served along with the Kobe Style Burger and the texture of the rice was definitely Japanese rice – chewy and round grain.


Rib Eye Steak

Even though the salmon was delicious, I really enjoyed the rib eye because the beef wasn’t too overwhelming or dryl. I’m not a fan of beef so I was surprised at how light but satisfying this was. The kitchen did a really good job in keeping all the natural juices in their food even when it was sizzling on a teppan.

The perfect moment was when we spread the butter on the steak and flipped each piece as it sizzled and cooked on the hot pan. The steak is already cut into pieces for your convenience.

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* This post was sponsored by Pepper Lunch Canada.


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