Owl of Minerva

I know it might seem odd to some people, but Toronto has amazing Korean food given the largely Korean dominated areas in GTA. After church, my cousin decided to take all of us to the famous Owl of Minerva in North York for their famous pork bone soup, also known as, Kam Ja Tang. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all the way to North York for Owl of Minerva. You can find locations in Mississauga, Chinatown and various areas in Toronto. The restaurant was very loud and busy by the time we got there, other than the customers yapping away, they also had TV screens on the wall with the 24 hours news on. Food was going in and out and it seemed pretty chaotic in there. However the chaotic wasn’t disorganized, service was pretty attentive and our food didn’t take long to come.


Jap Chae

I ordered the Jap Chae because I had a canker sore on my lip and pork bone soup was definitely not the best remedy if I wanted the canker sore to heal faster. Jap Chae seemed pretty standard to me so I had pretty high expectations for this.

The vibrant colours in the Jap Chae were very welcoming and it made the appearance look healthy and happy to eat. I’m not sure if I completely skipped the point on the menu, but this was a vegetarian dish. Vegetables didn’t disappoint though because the flavours in the various vegetables added into the jap chae made it far from bland.

The noodles were a bit dry and they overkilled a bit on the soy sauce making it saltier than usual.


Kam Ja Tang

My mom and I ended up sharing the Jap Chae and the Kam Ja Tang. The Kam Ja Tang alone was already very filling with at least six large pork bones in the soup.

Served in a clay pot, the soup simmered in potatoes and the rich meaty flavours in the pork bone. We ate this during the summer time, so we were sweating by the time we were finished. The texture of the soup was also quite thick for “soup” and I’m tempted to say that there was a hint of MSG inside but I’m not absolutely sure. All I know was that I kept drinking water to flush down some of the saltiness.

Overall, this is a perfect order when winter hits Toronto. The soup warms your stomach and since it comes with rice, I’m pretty sure you’ll walk out with a full stomach.

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