One Saigon

Am I supposed to ask for a cup of tea or water here? I walked into One Saigon and it smelled like garbage. Jacky and I were just hungry and we wanted something quick so we decided to stop at the nearest affordable place that we could find. I will not come back to One Saigon again but for those who just want a fast lunch this place is for you.

The restaurant was completely empty and I can understand why. The service was horrible and the lady behind the counter who took my counter expected me to tip her. I did not tip her because she ignored us when we walked in and ignored me when I was the only person waiting to order at the counter.

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Jacky’s red oil infested “Beef Stew (roughly CAD9)” which looked extremely unappetizing to me. The smell and colour was horrific that neither of us wanted to touch it. I could see the red layer of oil floating above the soup so that was just a straight “No” for me. Jacky did up end up finishing his beef stew but he downed a lot of water afterwards to wash the oily texture in his mouth.

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 I had the “Lemongrass Chicken with Spring Rolls and Rice (CAD7.9)” which was honestly filling but depressing to eat. The spring rolls weren’t crunchy but the chicken was pretty juicy with a good amount of lemongrass on it.

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