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Before going to Sushi Mart for dinner on summer solstice, Jacky decided to take me to Horseshoe Bay and West Vancouver because I have never been there. West Vancouver seemed like an entirely different part of Vancouver and I was told that the seafood is a must go there. When we arrived, I was a bit taken back at how small Horseshoe Bay was. The trip to our destination was on the other hand, simply bliss. I have never seen such beautiful houses driving on a narrow road surrounded by trees, flowers and cobblestone walls. Maybe one day if I get to, I might live here…

Walking along the pier, Jacky took me to Olive and Anchor for a seafood lunch. He has been here before and enjoyed the food so we decided to check it out. We got a small two seater next to the patio with enough shade to feel the summer breeze and a view of the water.


 Garlic Prawns (CAD10)

What’s in it: Prawns cooked in white wine, butter, chili flakes, lemon, and topped with fresh Italian parsley and a piece of grilled garlic toast.

We broke off the bread, dipped it into the sauce and added a piece of prawn on top. I felt that we fully enjoyed every taste of the dish by how we chose to ate it.

The sauce was finger licking and absolutely delectable. You can never have too much butter and I was just crazy about it.

Prawns by itself did not contain too much flavour so we had to eat it with the sauce.


Cioppino Seafood Stew (CAD18)

What’s in it: Fresh mussels, tiger prawns, Pacific grey cod, BC wild salmon, calamari, penne pasta cooked in a white wine-tomato broth and topped with a piece of grilled garlic toast.

The broth was fragrant with the mixture of white wine and tomato broth. The texture was thickly rich and the taste was piquant and full flavoured.

I don’t remember seeing any penne pasta in it because there was just an abundance of seafood in this dish. This entrée is fit for those who love sauce in their seafood.


Fresh Seafood Linguine (CAD19)

What’s in it: Fresh seasonal fish, tiger prawns, sea scallops, garlic, white wine, fresh basil pistou, spinach, roasted pepper, tomato sauce, a touch of cream, grana padano, and a piece of grilled garlic toast.

I found this extremely creamy and heavy than normal any normal seafood linguine and it definitely wasn’t a bad thing. Every bite left me with a bit of tomato sauce around my lips and I never wanted to wipe it off.

The portion looks small but there was a lot seafood smothered in the chunky and creamy tomato sauce making it absolutely divine. On the other hand, the sauce was too strong so I couldn’t taste the freshness in the seafood.

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