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What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than dining at your first date restaurant? This is such a long over due post, but I’m just going to go with it. We had our first date at The Old Spaghetti Factory because I remember that on that day, I was craving for spaghetti. It was almost impossible to find bookings on the 14th of Feb, but thankfully, we got reserved seats for the two of us at 7:30pm. I have to give Jacky props for making the reservations.

To my surprise, the menu was cheaper than I remembered. Offering the same types of food, but for a better deal. Each spaghetti came with a soup and their own ice cream.

Old Spaghetti Factory (1)

To start off, we had a loaf of Sourdough Bread that had a crunchy crust with a soft and warm inside. I prefer the garlic butter with herbs since it was fluffy with succulent garlic bits. I noticed that the bread hardens like a rock if it was out for too long, so we devoured it pretty quickly.

Old Spaghetti Factory (2)

Next, I chose the Minestrone Soup over the green salad because I only order salads if it’s a Caesar. I didn’t expect much from the soup but there were were tons of vegetables in it, so that’s good!

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Since I was indecisive and I took too long to order, I had the Pot Pourri (CAD11.25) for the undecided. This spaghetti is basically a super trio of meat, mushroom and clam sauce. This was a brilliant idea because I got to try multiple sauces in one dish instead of sticking with one boring tomato sauce or one white sauce throughout the meal. The meat and clam sauce were delicious with small protein and clam bits in it. The clam sauce was creamy and thick, just the way I like spaghetti with white sauce. This is the key to help indecisive people order, throw in a bunch into one.

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Jacky had the Seafood Linguine Marinara (CAD13.50) with linguine noodles, baby scallops, shrimp, mushrooms in a garlic tomato sauce. There was a generous portion of seafood but the tomato sauce was way too sour and I couldn’t  taste the garlic. I felt like I was eating squeezed tomato juice, perhaps adding a bit of cream or more garlic into the sauce would smooth the taste out.

Old Spaghetti Factory (6)

To conclude, we had their special Spumoni Ice Cream, a icy dessert combination of pistachio and chocolate. The colours didn’t look appetizing but the taste was unique. There was more of a chocolatey taste than pistachio and the texture was extremely creamy and soft.

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