Our walk around Nara Park was a full day and by 3pm, we were so worn out that our feet were hurting. People who were walking with us were limping with us at the end of the day. Evidently, our stomachs were also growling and we have loss all motivation to hunt for a good restaurant. We just wanted food but not only was it hard to find a good restaurant, but it was hard to find restaurants that had english menus. We were about to give up and hop on the next train back to Osaka until I saw a tiny family owned okonomiyaki restaurant. The restaurant only had two tables and it was in a tight little narrow space in between two larger buildings. It was clear that this little gem has been here for quite some time and it was fully family owned.

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What’s in it: Japanese sweet soy sauce, pork, pickled ginger, squid, seaweed, and chopped green onions.

When I ate this, I could clearly tell the difference between this yakiudon and Vancouver yakiudon. The flavours were sweet and salty with a sour after taste, deliciously tossed with a bunch of other ingredients. Yakiudon in Vancouver was too bland compared to this.

Pork and squid portions were more than enough so we were quite full when we were done with this.

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Modan Tama Okonomiyaki 

What’s in it: Soba, squid, pork, onion, bonito flakes, seaweed and assorted vegetables.

Okonomiyaki is basically a soba noodle pancake with seafood and vegetables. The flavour was very strong in okonomiyaki sauce and every bite was not a disappointment.

The only thing I  did not like about this was how the noodles were not fully cooked so some parts were a bit tough and crunchy.


On the side note, in Nara, it’s known for being a deer park. Deers are sacred here so if you’re up for some close deer encounters during your walk around the park, Nara is a beautiful place to visit.

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