Octopus’ Garden

I noticed that a lot of Vancouver sushi is usually decorated by all sorts of extra toppings and sauces that some times, you can’t really taste how delicious or fresh the fish really is. We were driving from West Vancouver back to Vancouver and we had to decide where to eat at Kitsilano. I’ve been hearing raving reviews about Octopus’ Garden and since the name of the restaurant is already a Beatles reference, we had to go.

When we arrived, the place was almost entirely empty but there were reserved signs on each table. If you want to experience an Omakase dinner at Octopus’ Garden, you will have to make a 24 hour booking before the day. I’m assuming that most of the reservations were for the Omakase dinner. Since we arrived pretty early, we were lucky to get a seat once when went in.


If you made reservations for the omakase dinner, you would definitely want a place at the bar where you could see the chef freshly prepare your dinner in front of you.


Tobiko with Quail Egg

The presentation was excellent but I was a bit nervous about eating a raw egg on raw fish eggs. I was worried that it would be very slimy and fishy.

To my surprise, even eating this in an entire bite, I was so in love with how well the flavours blended together. The quail egg made the fish eggs very creamy with a subtle egg taste to it. I usually thought that tobiko was a bit too dry by itself so the quail egg really gave it that extra boost.


Spicy Scallop Roll

This was a pretty conventional spicy scallop roll but the difference is that you could actually taste the scallop and it’s form instead of most places where they mash it up together into whatever it is that they serve.

Hand Peeled Lobster Roll with Tobiko, Mayo and Avocado on Top

When we wanted to order the hand peeled crab roll, they informed us that they also had a lobster roll available for today. If you’re going there on any other day, the lobster roll may not be available.

Everything was pretty standard in the lobster roll but I wish they took away the avocado because it was too overpowering and I couldn’t taste the lobster.


Seafood Ramen with Pork Cutlet

When we ordered the seafood ramen, we thought that it would be a normal ramen broth with assorted seafood inside. We were slightly surprised when it was just a thick broth with ramen topped with two piece of small pork cutlets. For the portion, it wasn’t really worth the price.

On the bright side, the broth was the thickest ramen broth I have ever had. I didn’t ask what the broth was made out of but the colour and taste was just like the mustard or the “yellow stuff” in crab. It was so rich and savoury but even though it was absolutely delicious, it was too thick for me to drink.


At the end of our dinner, they served us octopus looking gummy candies. Ata a glance, I thought they were spider gummies.

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