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Noodle Box just opened a new location at Mount Pleasant and since I missed out on the opening free noodle box day, I decided to stop for dinner on my way to church a week after they opened. I’ve never been to any other Noodle Box in Vancouver so I thought it was going to be similar to Basil Pasta Bar but instead of pasta, I could make my own box of stir fried noodles. Turns out it wasn’t and I was slightly disappointed. Their menu was mostly Western Asian food with spicy soups and curries, stir fried spicy noodles, Vietnamese wraps and in general Western imitation of Asian food. I honestly didn’t like Noodle Box and I think it is because I’m used to eating stir fried noodles in a different way.

2014-04-06 18.03.20

Apparently the Spicy Peanut Noodle Box (CAD12.5) is the bomb at Noodle Box. Cooked in a medium spicy Indonesian peanut sauce with extremely creamy coconut milk, the egg ribbon noodles were soft with slight chewiness. There were bean sprouts, peppers, beef slices, peanuts and assorted vegetables tossed in to make the dish more vibrant. I didn’t enjoy how everything was literally soaked in thick peanut and coconut milk sauce and it became a bit too overwhelming during the last few bites.

2014-04-06 18.03.32

Jacky had the Panang Red Curry (CAD12.5) that had an even thicker sauce than mine but spicier. The choice of rice noodles made this dish much more easier to eat given the lighter feel that rice noodle has. Stir fried in a spicy red curry sauce with coconut milk, kaffir lime, herbs, peppers, chicken and assorted veggies, this dish was basically curry sauce with noodles. It was the first time we’ve had noodles thrown into curry and in Chinese culture, even if it was curry stir fry noodles, the curry would be less moist. Everything was just too saucy for me.

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  1. Hitman Howdy

    Sounds similar to the Wok Box chain. I think these places spread themselves too thin trying to make all these different nationalities’ cuisines; jacks of all trades, masters of none. I like the idea of a make-your-own noodle box though, that would be awesome!

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