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Nelson the Seagull

I visited Nelson the Seagull on a rainy and cold fall day. When I walked into the cafe, I felt like I was in an Instagram-esque place with white walls, high ceilings and vintage looking decor. In fact, I found out about this place through Instagram so I had very high expectations when I was deciding on what to order for brunch.

On a weekday brunch hour, the cafe was quite packed with people but we were lucky to grab a seat next to their large windows. Unfortunately, we were also near the door and since they left it open, it was quite chilly from where we were. Next time, I’ll try to get a spot buried inside the cafe so I won’t have to feel the occasional chill breeze in the middle of my meal.

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Poached Eggs with Roast Beef

Presentation was simple and since their wooden tables gave the photo a whole hipster feel, it definitely enhances the food.

As mentioned, I did have high expectations for their food but sadly, those expectations were not met. It really bummed me out that it wasn’t what I dreamed it would be.

To start off, the egg was only lukewarm and the yolk wasn’t runny. The toast was rock hard so with a semi-runny and barely warm egg, my brunch felt cold. To add on, the toast was so solid that I couldn’t cut the sides with my knife or eat it without feeling like I chipped a tooth. You could probably bounce the toast off the wall and it’ll stay in one piece. The roast beef was pretty standard but it really just wasn’t enough. The entire brunch was just lacking in so many ways.

If anyone knows why they make their bread like that, please let me know. I know this is their speciality but I don’t get why my toast was so hard. Did they leave it out for too long or something? I don’t understand why everyone goes for their bread while my experience was so different.

On the bright side, I’m definitely going to come back because I am interested in trying their other options such as their quinoa salad, hot soups or the picnic board. I’ll just not order any of their toast or bread in the future.

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