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I’m all about upcoming restaurants but I’m not willing to wait an hour for an ice cream doughnut sandwich from a new dessert place. Munchies recently opened a few months ago near PMQ and on their opening day, people went nuts. I wasn’t into the idea of waiting an hour in the heat for a free ice cream doughnut sandwich so I went on a weekday with my friends.

The shop was relatively small with a tiny seating area for around 8 people on their second floor. Their bottom floor was their kitchen and counter with no seating. Since we went on a non-busy day, the staff were very attentive and friendly. The dessert shop was named “Munchies” because doughnuts and ice cream are what people crave after smoking a joint (apparently). You’re welcomed to get a doughnut or just ice cream but if you’re up for something heavy, put the two together.

2015-07-02 15.12.28

Make your way up to their second floor and get a chance to draw all over their black wall with chalk.

2015-07-02 15.13.26

Earl Grey Ice Cream with Chocolate Nutty Doughnut

The ice cream was a bit too icy so the texture wasn’t very creamy. On the good side, the earl grey flavours were very strong and distinct.

The doughnut was fresh, filling and all homemade. Compared to Krispy Kreme, this was semisweet which helped with the ice cream. Regardless, the ice cream doughnut sandwich was still a bit heavy for one person so I shared it with my friend. “Doughnut” worry about calories because your sweet tooth will be extremely satisfied after this.

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