Motomachi Shokudo

It is autumn time so it is also ramen time! Nothing beats a hot bowl of ramen noodles for a cold rainy Vancouver day to warm me up, so I decided to go visit Motomachi Shokudo recommended by Dennis Pang at Pangcouver.  Similar to every ramen store on Robson, there was a huge group of people waiting outside of Motomachi at 7pm…so go early. The restaurant isn’t exactly comfortable with wooden tables and stools so I personally felt that it was a eat, pay and go in a wood shack.

The service was okay and since it is a small restaurant, I was very cautious whenever a server was carrying a bowl of ramen behind me. We happened to get a “bar” table with the view of their kitchen where they were cooking ramen, tossing spring onions and boiling various types of rich and miso savoury soups. Dinner and a view, why not right?

I felt really heavy after eating their ramen (probably all the MSG) but I was also all fuzzy warm in my stomach afterwards.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Check my Instagram for a creeper video on how they cook their ramen.

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I love this! Jacky ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen with Organic Chicken (CAD8.90) and I switched midway for his bowl. The taste of the soup was savoury and garlic spiced giving it a very strong taste kick in my mouth and my stomach. This is the ramen to get when it is cold outside.

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Now you guys might think that this looks gross so I would like to introduce the Black Charcoal Miso Ramen (CAD8.95) to you curious eaters out there. The reason why it is a mucky black colour is due to the additional powdered black bamboo powder added into the miso soup. The soup was thicker than the spicy soup and the taste was lighter and more simple. Oh and for the very first time, I loved the egg that was very unique in texture and taste compared to other ramen spots.

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