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Momofuku Milk Bar (NYC)

Does this brand look familiar to you? I’ve always seen “milk” on Tumblr and ever since then, I’ve always wanted to try “milk”. Momofuku started in New York City by Chef David Chang and has now expanded to Toronto and Sydney in all forms of Momofuku – Noodle Bar, Shoto, Daisho, Milk bar, Ssam Bar, Seiobo and etc. Sadly, there isn’t one in Vancouver but I’m praying that Milk Bar would at least, open here.

Tiffany took me to Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City and to put it quite frank, the store looked like I was going to buy illegal ice cream but with a super chic and high end design to it. The bar was small with no sunlight shining in and only pink neon lights from the ceiling and the walls. We got in and started lining up. As I got closer to the counter, I saw David Chang’s books, baking mixes, cookies and other baking ingredients. I was quite tempted to buy one of his books, but it was too inconvenient to carry around it with me in NYC.


See what I mean? It looks a bit sketchy at first but it definitely isn’t. Behind Milk Bar is Ma Peche serving dim sum inspired passed plates.


Cereal Milk Soft Serve

A really milky, creamy and cold vanilla soft serve with a crunchy cereal ring. David Chang has got the milk magic going on.

The soft serve instantly started to melt once we stepped out of Momofuku Milk Bar. We tried to start from the top but the cereal bits started to fall off so we had to lick around the cereal rim to prevent it from dripping. The soft serve also had a slight grainy texture when it melted in my mouth.

The cereal bits were salty and crunchy so it complimented the sweet vanilla soft serve. In fact, it would seem like something was missing if it was only the soft serve.

I wish they topped the entire soft serve with cereal because the saltiness from the cereal was just spot on.

2014-08-02 01.44.06

#milkbarlife! I’m definitely back for more, whether I’m in NYC or Toronto.

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