Millie Creperie

The last time I had a mille crepe was at Lady M Confections in New York City. Ever since I have discovered the queen of cakes, I have been on the hunt to satisfy my mille crepe craving in Toronto and Vancouver. To my luck, Globe and Mail published an article about desserts in Toronto and my eyes widened when I saw a picture of a mille crepe in the article. I had to get to it. Located in Chinatown and Kensington Market area, my friend and I made a quick run to Mille Creperie for the cake after dinner at Bar Buca. I wanted my relatives to have a taste of mille crepe, so I bought three extra slices to bring home. Again, to my luck, I bought the last four slices of mille crepe.


Mille Crepe

The entire structure of the cake was less firm than Lady M with sweeter and heavier cream. Depending on your preferences, you might like the mille crepe here instead of Lady M because the cream was more full.

The caramelized golden top needed a little bit more work to crown the cake a shinier golden crown.

Even though the display of the cake wasn’t as well defined as Lady M, the cake was still decadent and above standards. Alternating between crepe and sweet cream, this Mille Crepe was much more moist and creamier. Honestly, this was only the second time I have had mille crepe so I look forward to searching for more in other areas. Sadly, I don’t think it has arrived in Vancouver yet.

Since Mille Creperie’s Mille Crepe was more moist, the cake collapsed a bit after a few more bites.
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