Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Whenever I go to Toronto, I always visit my favourite foodie girl, Angela. It’s kind of a funny story about how we met but I won’t go into that. Before meeting her for brunch, we actually spent some time figuring out where we wanted to eat. She looked through her wishlist and I looked through mine. Eventually, we wanted something nice, comfortable, and modern for our brunch date.

I didn’t know much about Mildred’s Temple Kitchen but when I arrived, I fell in love with this place. With a high ceiling, large windows, and contemporary décor, Mildred’s Temple was perfect for a girl’s brunch. Everything on the menu looked so delicious and since we both love food, we ordered the two options that we both wanted.


With a somewhat open kitchen concept, I was glad that the entire place didn’t smell like food.


Brunch isn’t complete if you don’t have mimosas. Somewhere in this world, it’s drinking hour.

PSX_20141207_193631Veda’s Choice

What’s in it: Mildred’s Classic Poached Eggs, Croissant, Smoked Salmon, Béarnaise Sauce and a Salad.

The top part of the croissant was very flaky and buttery but since the poached egg, salmon and bearnaise sauce was placed in between, the bottom was soggy.

You can’t really go wrong with smoked salmon and poached egg but with the Bearnaise sauce, it’s a whole other level of egg-ness. The Bearnaise sauce is made out of egg yolk so with the runny poached egg, this was egg-quisite and heavy.

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