I couldn’t help myself to a second Miku round. My friend, Donna, was visiting from USC for her spring break and she told me to take her to eat good Vancouver sushi. I had no other option in mind other than Miku, and it was about time I went back! It was a sunny Vancouver Saturday and we headed to Miku for a lunch. I was happy that Ben gave us a seat right next to the windows with plenty of light shining in and a view of North Vancouver so my friend could also enjoy the beautiful side of Vancouver.

More: Check out my first time at Miku! I did not blog about the aburi nigiri this time, but you can read more in my previous Miku review.

2014-03-21 13.17.00 HDR

Ben surprised me again!This time, we had the complimentary Scallop Ceviche with cucumber, lemon and yuzu. The scallops were fresh and just about cold, which also gave the sour acidic taste an even stronger hit. This was a great start before the meal to prep my stomach for some amazing Japanese food.

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I saw the Aburi Chirashi Tart (CAD21) last time I visited, and I knew that I had to order it this time. I honestly loved this more than the aburi nigiri now. It’s a tower of  oceanic gems with rice and sauces that make every bite as savoury as possible. The presentation was of course excellent and the tower has spicy tuna, avocado, Miku sauce, scallops, aburi salmon, flying fish roe and ikura. To me, it was like eating a seafood cake with rice. I highly recommend this dish to everyone going to Miku.

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