Meat & Bread

I always thought that I would only eat sandwiches at school with the usual ham and cheese but Meat & Bread is on a whole new level with these to-go lunches. My friend and I decided to go to Meat & Bread for a catch up lunch session but we were hesitant when we saw the massive line up. Thankfully many of the people were lining up for takeaway lunches so we quickly found a seat right next to the door with plenty of sunshine shining in and lined up for our meal.

The menu didn’t offer much because well…this is Meat & Bread, pretty self explanatory. You will find the usual salads and soups but as for the sandwiches, one must try to Porchetta.

2013-08-30 13.39.48

Ah yes…the Porchetta (CAD8) with a splash of Dijon mustard on the side and Orzo (CAD4). Crispy hot pork stuffed between two pieces of bread with a smooth spread of pesto is just enough to fill you up. The orzo was a good taste refresher from the sandwich with a sour herb taste to the mix.

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