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M&C Duck

I have not had Peking duck for two years. I missed the sweet Hoisin sauce around the tender and juicy duck meat in a soft wrap. On my first week back in Hong Kong, my mom took me to a Peking duck restaurant at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. M&C Duck looks really nice in the inside so I was even more surprised when I found out that the restaurant is owned by the Maxim’s Group.

When we got to M&C Duck, there was already a large waiting line. We stood there for an hour before it was our turn and when we finally sat down, the staff quickly attended to us. Since the restaurant was quite spread out, service was attentive depending on where you were sitting. The reason why we had to wait an hour was due to the long preparation time for each Peking duck order. We were told that if we wanted Peking duck, we had to wait 45 minutes, hence the long wait time. A dinner at M&C Duck would probably take more than an hour per table!

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Thin Cut Chicken with Glass Noodles, Cucumber and Chili Sauce

This is my favourite appetiser to order at every Shanghainese restaurant. The flavours are packed and since it’s served cold, it was very refreshing before the mains came along.

There was a lot of chili and garlic flavours that it left me with garlic breath. However, the chili was so fragrant and with the cucumber, it was a mix of hot and fresh at the same time.

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Jellyfish with Pickled Turnip

I know that eating jellyfish sounds weird but it really just tastes like rubber bands with sesame oil and other savoury sauces. The texture and the way it is served is quite refreshing, especially with the crunchy pickled turnip.

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Shredded Chicken with Bok Choy Soup Noodle

This is my favourite Shanghai noodles because it’s so hearty and filling without heavy or spicy flavours.

Their noodle soup had too little chicken and too much bok choy stems but the flavours were still quite plain and very satisfying for something so simple.

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Xiao Long Bao 

When I went to Wang Jia Sha at Festival Walk, their Xiao Long Baos had no soup in there. How could they be XLBs when there’s no soup inside?! Luckily, M&C Duck had an abundance of hot soup inside the XLBs making them very savoury and yummy.

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Peking Duck

The star of the show! This is what everyone orders at M&C Duck so don’t miss out if you go!

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Their wrappers were deliciously soft with flour sprinkled on top. They were also perfectly thick that it wasn’t too chewy or easy to tear apart.

The duck was perfect. A juicy skin with a tender, juicy and meaty interior. The meat was so soft and it was just heavenly when I bit into it. The cucumber helped give the wrap a refreshing taste while the Hoisin sauce gave it a hint of sweetness. This is the best.


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