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Marutama Ramen

Vancouver is home to multiple ramen shops and it just happens to be that most of them are all located within 5 minutes walking distance from each other. Since moving to Vancouver in 2012, I am confident to say that I have eaten at almost all of the ramen shops in Downtown Vancouver and Marutama is my all time favourite.

In comparison to my visits in 2013 to Marutama, they have gained a lot more attention. They have become one of those ramen shops with line ups and groups of people standing outside of the restaurant, just waiting for a table. Even though the lineup isn’t as crazy as Santouka, we still had to wait 20 minutes before it was our turn to go in.

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Cha-Shu Tamago Ramen 

I would normally get their Tamago Ramen but I knew that I wouldn’t get full from only two pieces of cha-shu.

Other than the portion difference, the Cha-Shu Tamago Ramen is no different than the Tamago Ramen. Of course, if you come to Marutama, you must get an egg with your ramen.

I’ve asked a few of my Japanese friends and many of them prefer Santouka over Marutama because it’s not as authentic than their ramen in Japan. Since Marutama uses chicken broth, the flavour is weaker than a pork bone broth but the texture is definitely heavier.

Another reason why I prefer their ramen is because of their ramen’s texture. Their ramen is made in the store so it’s more fresh and it has its own bounce and  texture that makes it different than the other ramen restaurants in Vancouver.

In conclusion, I love this place because their broth is just the right amount of savoury, their Aosa nori topping that most restaurants don’t have and lastly, the texture in their ramen noodles.

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