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I guess I have been on a small Japanese style dining streak lately – Basho Cafe and now at Marulilu Cafe. If you search for me on Urbanspoon, most of my reviews are on Japanese food. You can’t blame me because there’s so much darn good sushi and other Japanese food  in Vancouver.

Marulilu Cafe is located almost directly across Broadway Cityhall skytrain station. Whenever Jacky and I head to church, we would see the large printed “Marulilu Cafe” words stand out from across the street. The restaurant is really cosy and small with barely any walking space inside. In addition to the small space, there is always a line up outside of Marulilu whenever we’re at Broadway Cityhall. Jacky and I met up with our friend, Raissa, for a brunch at Marulilu on a Saturday morning. We were lucky that Raissa got there a bit earlier because the line up was nuts on the day.


There was barely any table space for our orders.


Sukiyaki Rice Burger with Miso Soup (CAD5.99)

My mouth literally dropped when I saw my palm size sukiyaki rice burger. Are you even kidding me? Yes, the rice burger was delicious, juicy and flavourful but what the hell is up with the size? I’ve always had this problem with Japanese style food because everything is so small. Either that, or people would say that I don’t know how to appreciate “the art of eating”. Regardless I was not full from this.

Salad was fresh and a bit of sesame salad dressing gave it a very simple and natural taste.


Matcha Latte (CAD3.30)

The matcha was not bitter and tasted very earthy and natural.

I think the matcha latte was much more filling than all of our orders. The texture is thick, milky and creamy so finishing one cup of latte at Marulilu could fill you up.


Japanese Breakfast (CAD6.99)

What’s in this: Tofu, miso soup, rice, grilled salmon and plain omlette.

Once again, we were a bit shocked at how petite everything was other than the massive bowl of rice and the block of tofu.

A large portion of the meal was the cold tofu and the rice. I noticed that the tofu had packaging sides on it so it was pretty clear that the tofu was just squeezed out of the tofu packages. Slap a bit of ginger on top, and that was basically what the tofu was. Jacky and Raissa ended up putting the tofu into the miso soup to warm it up and give it more flavour.

The salmon was the only flavourful and chewable part of the meal. Unfortunately, I could tell that Raissa and Jacky were both trying to save it for last but the portion was just too small. Both of them didn’t end up finishing the Japanese breakfast with tofu and rice left over.


London Fog Chai Latte (CAD3.30)

I have to say that this was pretty much one of the best london fog chai lattes I’ve had in Vancouver. There was no bitter taste in it and it wasn’t too watery. The chai was distinct in its own aromatic spice and the latte was creamy and absolutely perfect.


 White Chocolate Matcha Latte (CAD4.05)

If you like matcha and white chocolate, you would love this. The matcha wasn’t too overwhelming and just right that you could taste the white chocolate.

All of the drinks at Marulilu Cafe were very creamy and I would highly recommend any of their lattes. Their breakfast is subjective because clearly I wasn’t too happy with small breakfast sizes and other people enjoyed it. If you read Marulilu Cafe’s reviews on Urbanspoon, many people do enjoy Marulilu Cafe. I agree that the taste is a definite thumbs up but I really do not like their serving portions.
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    The white chocolate matcha latte was the winner for me! 😛

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