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Mano Cafe

I like to go to both what’s trendy and traditional in Hong Kong. During my last few days in Hong Kong, I had a mixture of cravings from the simple Hong Kong style cafes to the fusion and trendy places. Mano has been around for a while but the restaurant recently changed in ownership and has reopened as Mano Cafe operated by Corner Kitchen Cafe.

When we arrived at Mano Cafe, the restaurant was already packed with people. There was a big group waiting outside but since it was only my friend and I, we got a seat next to their salad bar where service was very attentive.

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Fish Tacos

The fish was incredibly tasty with a spicy and piquant taste to it. In addition, the onions gave it an extra kick to the tacos.

The corn tortilla was incredibly soft and the fish was kind of soaking through it making it difficult to eat without the taco falling apart.

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Corn Soup

I was craving soup so I caved in for their thick and creamy corn soup. There wasn’t actual corn inside and the texture felt like it was blended with some sort of coconut curry. Regardless, it was very filling and hearty with plenty of flavour.

2015-08-06 13.54.59-1

BBQ Chicken

The spice on the chicken tasted like something you would enjoy eating on a beach. With a delicious and crunchy barbequed skin and a warm and juicy interior, the chicken takes you to a tropical and summery island with its spice.

In addition to the tropical vibes coming from the chicken, the coconut rice also helped enhance the general flavours of the dish.

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Pumpkin Salad

I would normally assume that most salads are fresh with minimal taste but Mano Cafe does a brilliant job in their vibrant salads that are big in flavours and ingredients.

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This was perfect in every way. The meat fell off the bone in one bite with a savoury and scrumptious marinade in the outer and meaty juices in the inside. I was licking my fingers clean after I was finished.


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