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Mahony and Sons

I always hear UBC students talking about going to Mahony’s for a beer but since I go to SFU, it’s okay to say that I haven’t been there until now. We have the SFU Pub on the mountain or Steamworks near Harbor Centre, so that’s cool.

There are several Mahony and Sons’ locations in Vancouver but the closest and nicest one with a view would be the one at Burarrd Landing. With a killer view of the sea planes landing, Stanley Park and North Vancouver, let’s hope the food is as good as our scenery.


Prawn and Scallop Risotto

What’s in it: Dill and Lemon Risotto, Parmesan Cheese, Jumbo Prawns and Scallops and Vine-Riped Tomatoes.

The risotto was actually cooked perfectly with the right level of chewiness to it. Luckily, the dill and lemon were not too strong or sour but this dish was too salty.

The jumbo prawns and scallops were just average, it gave the dish some protein additions but that’s about it.

Everything was great about this dish, it’s just the over pinch of salt that ruined it.


Miso Salmon

What’s in it: Miso Salmon, Ponzu Braised Spinach, Sunomono Vegetables and Jasmine Rice.

The presentation was pretty cute because the salmon looked liked a piece of salmon nigiri with the seaweed wrap around it.

The Miso Salmon was a very Western imitation of an Asian dish so the flavours were a bit odd to us. Other than that, there’s nothing special about this order so we would recommend ordering something else if you’re going.

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