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Luke’s Lobster

When you go to the East Coast, you must try their lobsters. The East Coast is famous for their vicious red gems but since we are college students, we tried NYC’s lobster rolls instead of an entire steamed or boiled lobster. I also thought buying a lobster as a whole was much more standard and finding good lobster rolls in Vancouver was a bit difficult for me.

Luke’s Lobster is where it’s at when it comes to Maine lobsters. The restaurant was very small with only a few high table spots to sit at and we were quite lucky to get there before the dinner rush. Tiffany and I shared our first lobster roll so we could eat more afterwards, but I couldn’t help myself but buy a second one for my own.


Since the area was so small, things looked a bit messy in there. However their “messy” reminded me of what I would see in a fish shack.


Round 1 for the lobster roll.

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Lobster Roll

Each piece of lobster was giant, succulent and very meaty. Even when the meat was covered in mayonnaise, I could really taste the texture and flavours in the lobster.

The sauce was a very buttery mayonnaise which wasn’t too strong that it overpowered the lobster. The balance was just perfect, I finished the entire roll down to the last crumb of black pepper. I even licked my fingers to savour the taste even more when I was finished.

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