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Lucy’s Eastside Diner

I imagined myself being Sandy from Grease sipping on my milkshake across my Danny boy when I went to Lucy’s Eastside Diner for a Sunday dinner with Jacky. Rocking the 80’s look, Lucy’s Eastside Diner will take you to a scene from a 70’s or 80’s movies. Located in the Mount Pleasant area, the diner is opened 24 hours serving all day breakfast, dinner and amazing milkshakes. All they needed was a jukebox or a pinball machine to complete the vintage diner look.

The service was slow at first, until a really nice lady server got to us. She was so cheerful and she was fast with her orders. At around 7:30pm, she was the only server in the whole diner, so huge props to her for being so efficient and kind!

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The first thing I ordered was the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake (CAD5.5). I thought that you couldn’t blend the flavours together, so it was definitely PB and chocolate when I was told that I could be creative. This is a 20 oz heavy, creamy and cold milkshake topped with whipped cream that must be shared between two people. I could taste the peanut butter bits in the chocolate ice cream mix which made it even more sweeter and heavenly.

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Jacky likes breakfast food for dinner, so he ordered the 3 Egg Omelette (CAD9.5) with chorizo, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and monetary “Jack” cheese (punny). The omelette was huge and it was definitely made out of 3 eggs. Overall the meal tasted a bit dry but it’s good enough to make you full.

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I wanted a fat, heavy, carb stuffed, and cheesy dinner. What better option than the Mac n Cheese and Pulled Pork Hoagie (CAD9.5)? I chose the vegetable soup on the side to add some “greens” to my meal, but I found it tasting like vegetable canned soup. On the good side, the toasted hoagie with hot and juicy pulled pork sealed with BBQ juiciness and a mountain of melting mac n cheese was very very good.

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