Loooop is a new dessert shop that just opened in the little food grid area of Tai Hang. I know that many of the popular restaurants or dessert stops are in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Wan Chai and Sheung Wan but Tai Hang has also been blooming in the food and beverage industry. The area isn’t really big and it’s literally a small grid of roads with restaurants and interesting shops.

I’ve seen many photos of Loooop and how delicious and amazing their ice cream desserts look. When I was told that everything including the cup and the wrapper were edible, I had to go. I know, I’m a sucker when it comes to weird and new things.

Unfortunately, I was told by my blogger and Instagram friends that I shouldn’t get my hopes too high. Apparently, everyone only goes for the photo so I set my standards quite low when I ordered.

2015-07-08 15.34.04-1


What’s in it: Sugar glazed strawberry, edible paper, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and red velvet cookie cup.

I have to agree with every person who has been there. The dessert was really just subpar with minimal flavour and it wasn’t exciting. The only interesting part was eating the wrapper and the other paper decorations on the ice cream.

The ice cream was creamy but there was nothing too memorable about. Thankfully the glazed strawberry helped a bit with the sweetness.

The cookie cup was just bad. Not only was it dry, but it was tasteless and it ended up getting really sticky because it soaked up some of the melted ice cream.



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