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Little Bao

Before coming back to Hong Kong, I did a lot of research and saved a lot of restaurants into my Foursquare list. Some of them are top priority and some are for a spontaneous visit. After my dinner at Sohofama, I was so excited to try Little Bao, which was on my top priority list, and their ice cream little bao dessert.

When we walked up to Little Bao, the place was slammed with people. I felt like people were shoulder to shoulder while they were eating so Denise and I decided to get their dessert to go. I wasn’t interested in eating at a restaurant where people could barely even turn around to see what’s behind them.

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Little Bao Green Tea Ice Cream Bao

Describing the green tea ice cream bao is like describing a tiny part of heaven. The bun was hot and glazed giving the first bite a delightfully sweet and crisp feel.

In the middle was a layer of sweet condensed milk melting onto the thick chunk of green tea ice cream. The ice cream was very creamy but because there was so much going on,  I couldn’t really taste the green tea flavours.

Regardless, the bao was just amazing and perfect to end a busy week at work. I would highly recommend it as a late night snack or a summer indulgence on a hot day.


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  1. Deb

    I agree, Sharon – the ice cream baos are very good, actually more impressive than the savory ones..

    • Sharon Fung

      I’ve actually never had their savoury ones! Would you recommend if I went back?

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