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Linguini Fini

After going to Ask for Luigi, I know that I have found my go-to pasta spot in Vancouver. When I got to Hong Kong in the summer, I had to venture for another pasta spot in the city to cure my occasional pasta cravings. Many of you have heard of the usual Spaghetti House in Hong Kong but I’m not up for that sort of food. I’m also not looking for something too expensive like 8 1/2 Otto de Mezzo, so when I found Linguini Fini, my heart, stomach and wallet caved in. Being promoters of sustainable foods and a farm to table concept, Linguini Fini’s price and menu would not fail anyone.


Italian “Xiao Long Bao”

What’s in it: Beef and pork agnolotti, tomato sauce, chili oil and 30 year balsamico.

Each agnolotto had a toothsome texture from the pasta and a savoury meaty filling. The sauce was probably the best one in our entire dinner because of the beef flavours and the hints of chili oil.

imagePapardelle “Nose To Tail” Bolognese

What’s in it: Pork testa, veal loin and oxtail ragu with parm.

Parpardelle is my favourite pasta because of its smooth, large and broad shape and delightful texture when it’s al dente and freshly made. If you do have the chance to try home made pasta, you could really taste the difference between store bought pasta and home made pasta.

The sauce was definitely not your average marinara or general red sauce. Other than the usual tomato flavours, this sauce tasted like your homey rich and fragrant oxtail stew.


“On Top Of Spaghetti”

There’s not much to say about this other than your usual meatball with cheese and spaghetti. It’s as simple as it can get but this dish was big in flavours in all aspects.

imageDry Rubbed Hanger Steak

Linguini Fini’s steak was the best steak I have ever had. Not only was it a bit raw with a ruby centre, but the steak was so juicy and rich in its own meaty flavours. Once I took a bite, the steak melted in my mouth after a few bites and it was so smooth and delicate. While I’m typing this delicious description, my mouth is starting to water.


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