La Casa Gelato

I don’t know how I can not get chubby in the summer. My friend and I went on an after dinner dessert trip to La Casa Gelato because the weather was just too hot in Vancouver. I’ve never been to this famous gelato place with over 200+ flavours so when I stepped into the shop, my jaw dropped. Literally from one end of the shop to the other were buckets of gelato waiting for me to try. Knowing that choosing 1-2 scoops of gelato would be a difficult decision, La Casa Gelato lets you try as many flavours as you want. After you’ve had all of your free samples, use one of their tokens to purchase your gelato. I managed to try the weirdest flavours including seaweed, durian, wasabi and curry. The wasabi gelato would actually be really refreshing for the summer.

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After a good 20 minutes of trying flavours, I came down with the Apple Pie and Banana Cream Pie gelato. I wanted to try flavours that were more rare in the market, so “pies” were a pretty good option. The Apple Pie was creamy with actual apple and pie crust bits inside. I’ve always had a sweet side for real fruits in my gelato. The banana cream pie was average to me but the “cream” part of the gelato definitely gave it a heavier take than the apple pie.

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