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Korean BBQ at Hon Wo Korean Restaurant 漢和韓國料理

I have never eaten at such a good all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant. The food was amazing. The seating was spacious. The equipment was modern. The view was spectacular. Best of all, there was no time limit! You can eat for as long as you want from the opening to 3pm in the afternoon (for the lunch all-you-can-eat).

2014-01-19 12.30.06

Here’s my photo of the cooked food offerings. The cooked food offerings were good, but not as good as the marinated and raw meat.

2014-01-19 12.30.18

Meat was just piled from left to right here. Luckily to balance out the carnivorous diet, there were some vegetables on the side of the buffet. A tip when you use the BBQ equipment: use the eggplant to scrub off the burnt residues!

2014-01-19 12.34.58

The ventilation, above the cooking stove, was incredible in the restaurant. I did not smell like a burnt piece of meat after the meal.



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