Kita No Donburi

This was my to go dinner spot whenever I stayed at SFU Harbour Centre till late night. Kita No Donburi serves authentic rice bowls a.k.a donburi and sushi rolls located within a 5 minute walk from Waterfront Skytrain station. Not only is the location convenient, but their service is fast. Jacky and I arrived at Kita no Donburi on a Friday night for dinner and our food came pretty much right after we ordered. Was it fresh? It was pretty fresh to me.

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2014-03-17 18.24.03

I ordered the Sukiyaki Don (CAD8.95) with beef, tofu, zucchini, melted egg, vegetables and seaweed on top of a bed of rice. Similar to a sukiyaki hot pot, the taste was rich in meaty flavours and a thicker texture in the rice from the egg. At the bottom of my rice, it got a too salty from the broth.

2014-03-17 18.24.37

Jacky ordered the Chirashi Donburi (CAD8.75) which was heavy from all the avocado in it. The portions of raw seafood was a bit disappointing and it was more like eating avocado and rice. They could have given us an extra piece of salmon or prawn since it looked pretty empty after we mixed everything up with the rice.

2014-03-17 18.28.40

I found all the colours of the rainbow in their Spider Roll (CAD7.50)! The presentation of the spider roll was absolutely stunning for a place that reminded me of a Japanese fast food restaurant. With minimal cucumber, each piece was stuffed with crab meat and soft shell crab. This tasted more like a soft shell rice salad than the actual spider roll, it was still delicious though!

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