Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

Salmon oburi but three times cheaper than Miku or Minami?! Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen is a small gem in Commercial Drive that never cease to amaze their customers. There is always a line up at Kishimoto…I’m not sure if I can schedule a time to beat the lunch or dinner crowd.

The restaurant was dim lit with lanterns hanging from above or placed around the tables. The décor was minimalistic but their artistic displays of their sushi are the show stoppers of your dinner.  There isn’t a lot of space inside so don’t be surprised if you have to squeeze in or if your elbow awkwardly touched your neighbour’s.

After a 40 minute wait (yes, 40 minutes and we didn’t leave), we got a table right near the door and next to the window where the line of people were staring in at what we we were eating. I felt a bit intimidated at first since people were judging at how slow we were eating. Regardless, let’s move on to the food.

Kishimoto (5)

To start off, we had the Hamachi Stone Bowl Rice (CAD14.95) presented in an impressive display before it was all mashed up. The waitress went straight into demolishing the display once it was served to us. I noticed that this isn’t really “Japanese food” and more like the Korean bibambap. However their stone pot rice did not have as many sauces as the bibambap, which made it more simple. Sadly the hamachi a.k.a. yellowtail was difficult to find after it was mixed together with the seaweed, egg, spinach and rice.

Kishimoto (8)

Keeping things hot, we had the Nabeyaki Udon (CAD13.95) with green onion, mushrooms, soft boiled egg, chicken, green onion, kamaboko, and chicken served in a hot stone bowl. For those of you who don’t know what kamaboko is, it is similar to fish balls, made out of white fish with other seasoning added in and made into loaves.Throughout the whole meal, our soup was simmering hot and flavourful enough with minimal MSG. It was one of those warm soups that soothes your stomach after you drink it.

Kishimoto (7)

The udon also came with three pieces of tempura prawn on the side. They weren’t as crunchy as I hoped and were disappointingly soggy.

Kishimoto (6)

Lastly, we couldn’t resist the Salmon Oshi (CAD9.75) and the Ebi Oshi (CAD9.75). The jalapeño slices were a bit tiny on the salmon oshi but it was spicy enough. Both the ebi and salmon had a smoky, sweet and warm buttery taste to it. Loved this dish, and I am definitely coming back for more.
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