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Since Toronto was cold during the day when I was in downtown with my friends, I wanted ramen. Kinton Ramen happened to be close to where my friend was living so we decided to give it a go. We walked in and the first thing I noticed was that all of their seating were high tables and wooden bar stools. I felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in the middle of two couples sharing one long high table with them and sitting on an unstable wooden high stool. I could barely hear my friend who was sitting in front of me because both of the couples sitting next to us were loud. The servers were also yelling around whenever food was served, similar to Guu Original.

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I had a Regular Shio Ramen with Shoulder Pork (CAD9.8) with a boiled egg, nori, bean sprouts and chopped green scallions. The broth was quite clear and simple so I ended up finishing the soup as well. The pork was juicy but a bit tough to chew on. The only thing I didn’t like about this was how hard the noodles were. I expected softer noodles and it tasted like the ramen I could get at an Asian supermarket.

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On the side, we shared a Gyoza (CAD3.5) with pork filling. The skin was soft with crunchy sides from the crispy burnt parts from frying the gyozas. There was quite a bit of pork and vegetables inside but since it was a bit dry, I had to dip the gyozas at least twice into the sweet soy sauce before eating them.

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