Kintaro Ramen

I like this place more than Santouka…yep, I said it. Eating ramen to me is more than just the bowl of ramen, it’s about the atmosphere and after effect in your stomach. Jacky and I went on a Sunday afternoon after church at 12pm and there was already a line up. Luckily since it was only two for us, we got seats in less than 15 minutes and we got our own table and not at the bar right in front of the kitchen – I can’t imagine how hot it would be there.

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One thing I love about Kintaro Ramen is their atmosphere. It’s like every ramen spot I’ve been to in Japan – hot, busy and crowded. When Jacky and I were waiting outside of Kintaro, we could already feel the blazing heat from the outside. Perfect for a cold winter day in Vancouver.

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I sat down and I knew that I wanted the Spicy Garlic Ramen, Light soup with BBQ fatty pork (CAD9.45). I was very excited to eat this since spicy soup with a spoonful of garlic on top sounds like the total bomb. For those of you who can’t take spicy, this isn’t for you. My lips were burning red and my mouth started to sting midway through the bowl when I ate my noodles. It sounds horrible but I loved the hot sensation.

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Jacky’s Shoyu Ramen, Medium soup with BBQ fatty pork (CAD8.45) would be bland if it was light soup. The soup was flavourful to drink for Jacky but I didn’t like how it was too simple for me. Overall I think it lacked excitement.

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