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This is an extremely late post so let’s get started.

For those of you who don’t know, I use this app called Notey for my blog. It helped me bring more readers and it categorizes my articles according to my tags. I would highly recommend it for bloggers. It is super easy to link your blog to the app and it is a fun way to e-meet people who like the same things as you. Speaking of meeting people, I got to meet the Co-Founders of Notey – Catherine and Kevin. They are a busy couple so I was quite excited when they finally found time to meet me over lunch at Kingyo Izakaya. See, you can meet people through this app!

I have never been to Kingyo before, but I hear it is more or less like Guu with their Japatapas. I lovedGuu Original but since we met over lunch, we all knew that their lunch and dinner menus were different. I also took a picture of everyone’s food but my own, sorry!

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The service was dragging itself and they were low on staff. I think we probably asked them 3 times to give us our tea and we had to wait 15 minutes for someone to finally take our orders. The interior of Kingyo on the other hand was impressive with stone walls and wood accents. We chose to sit at a communal table in the middle of the restaurant with green bamboo at the center of the table. It might make you feel like you’re in a Japanese tea house, but the atmosphere was way too loud and crowded. In fact, the green bamboo was so tall that anyone sitting behind that green patch could not possibly been noticed by the servers. Not everything was bad though, scroll to read more about their food.

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We first settled down with the lightly seared and Marinated Tuna Tataki (CAD8.80) with mustard sauce, tomato, onion served with ponzu jelly and garlic chips. Ponzu jelly is a citrus based jelly that tastes like ginger with a hint of lemony kick, usually added with raw fish. The texture of the tuna was meaty with a smoky taste. I’m usually not a fan of raw fish, so having the seared taste to the tuna was extremely savoury.

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Catherine had the Chicken Kara-age Wasabi Oroshi Bowl (CAD9.80) with daikon radish, seaweed, lettuce and rice. I didn’t get to try the radish but the chicken was so juicy and tender! The portions between the rice, lettuce and chicken was just about right.

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Kevin had the Tonkatsu Combo (CAD13.80) with a side of cabbage for “proportion”. I didn’t get to try it, but I wish that the curry also had potatoes or carrots other than a lonely piece of pork sinking into a thick curry sauce. If anything, the cabbage also looked like a large proportion of the meal.

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  1. Kingyo Izakaya

    Sharon, Thank you for your honest opinions! We’ve shared your thoughts with the staff and will try to improve our service quality at Kingyo. Hope to see you again soon!

    • Sharon Fung

      Thank you for such positive feedback! I definitely will come back, I have sent an e-mail to for more information and media enquiries. Please let me know how it goes!

      I look forward to visiting again, this time, for dinner!


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