Khao San Road

Before going to Kekou Gelato for dessert, my friend took me to one of the top 5 restaurants on Urbanspoon Toronto. Before going there, I didn’t know that Khao San Road was a popular restaurant in Toronto so I took my time to walk there. Little did I know that even on a weekday, this place was jam packed with people similar to a Bang Kok street market. From two blocks away, I saw a large crowd standing out on the street and I was hoping that they weren’t lining up for Khao San Road. Well, they were and luckily my friend got there earlier so we got seats after 5 minutes of waiting. Normally, it would take half an hour.

We got bar seats and service was very attentive. The menus were given to us and within 5 minutes, the waitress came back and asked us if we were ready. I don’t blame them especially with the long line up outside of the restaurant. The place was crowded and there wasn’t a lot of walking space.


Khao Soi

What’s in it: Egg noodles, golden curry, coconut milk, crispy noodles, scallions, coriander, lime and beef.

When I ate this, it reminded me of the Panang Red Curry from The Noodle Box, but an upgraded version. In short form, this was basically egg noodles and beef in golden curry, coconut milk topped with crispy noodles. Forget scallions, coriander and lime because they seemed to be nonexistent in this golden bowl.

The coconut milk was very distinct from everything else in the Khao Soi. The taste was very rich and creamy and all the ingredients were practically soaked in it. If you’re not into coconut, I wouldn’t suggest ordering this because even the golden curry couldn’t tone down the coconut milk.

The crispy noodle addition was a very smart choice because not only did it offer texture to the dish, but it made the dish look very pretty and exciting to eat when it was presented.

I came to a point when I would purposely let the golden curry drip off the noddles from the side of my bowl because the flavours were too intense. The golden curry was also very thick and I don’t think it would  be wise to drink it after finishing the noodles and beef.

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