Kekou Gelato House

After my dinner at Khao San Road, I decided to visit the second Asian inspired dessert shop recommended by The Globe and Mail. Millie Creperie was great but I have yet to try out the Asian inspired gelato shop on Baldwin Street. An entire gelato shop with Asian flavours is a first for me. Kekou Gelato brings flavours from across the Pacific Ocean to Toronto and mixes it with Italian ice cream. This is definitely a refreshing step away from the mainstream ice cream shops. La Casa Gelato in Vancouver has Asian flavours but they already have 200 gelato options in the store anyway! I was surprised when I went to Kekou Gelato because I’ve been to Baldwin Street several times, and I’ve never noticed Kekou (my bad).

Before going into Kekou, I already saw people sitting outside of their shop with their cones and cups of gelato. When I went into the shop and saw their menu, I felt like I walked into an Asian street food market in Hong Kong or Tai Wan and I felt at home. I hate to say this, but this place isn’t really for kids. I found crazy options including durian, Vietnamese coffee, chocolate and ginger and a variety of loose leaf tea flavours. I highly doubt kids would be happy to taste ginger flavours in their “chocolate” gelato. Meanwhile, the Asian side of me was bursting with joy.


Peanut Sesame and Hong Kong Milk Tea Gelato

My God! I would have never expected this much Asian flavours in the gelato! If I lived in Toronto, I would buy a tub of Hong Kong Milk Tea gelato and bring it home.

The Hong Kong Milk Tea gelato was my favourite one. Not only did it taste exactly like milk tea, but the flavour was strong, refreshing and rich. To me, it really tasted like they literally froze milk tea. I also felt like there was a bit of caffeine in it, but that was fine.

The Peanut Sesame gelato reminded me of the dragon beard candies that I used to eat in Hong Kong. The flavour balance was so clean and real. However, the Peanut Sesame texture and flavour was not as heavy as the Hong Kong Milk Tea flavour.

Overall, I would highly recommend this place to people who want a taste of Asia. I would also recommend this place to all of the overseas students from Asia who are in Toronto to get a taste of home here.

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