Kawawa Ramen

Kawawa Ramen, in my opinion, is one of the only spots in Metropolis Mall that serves hot and fast food in a sit down restaurant. The Boss Restaurant did not interest us and Cactus Club requires walking out into the streets, so Jacky and I decided to check out Kawawa.

We know that Kawawa gets bustling with students lining up after 7pm, so we got there at 5:30pm. The restaurant was pretty empty so the service was quick. On the other hand, the food was a disappointment. For those of you who just want to fill your stomachs near the Metrotown area, I guess Kawawa would be suitable for you. For me, Kawawa left a poor first impression so I would rather go to the food court.

Kawawa Ramen (1)

Jacky had the Shoyu Ramen (CAD7.95) with ramen cooked in a traditional Japanese shoyu broth with chashu, corn and bamboo. Jacky found his ramen boring and it lacked the rich ramen flavours and ingredients. He also thought that the chashu was too thin and they might as well not serve the chashu.

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Kawawa Ramen

I had the Kawawa Ramen (CAD10.95) hoping that ordering the “signature ramen” might be better than the usual. My noodles were cooked in a miso broth with 3 pieces of roast pork, bean sprouts, 3 slices of kimchi (they said kimchi on the menu, but I literally had only 3 slices of kimchi), half an egg, seaweed and green onions. When I had a bite of my ramen, it tasted awfully rubbery. I could tell that the ramen noodles were the sketchy packaged yellow ones stacked on top of each other in the fridge sections in T&T. No difference between Jacky’s Shoyu ramen, I was bored of my ramen and even if I did have more “ingredients” than his ramen, the portions were pretty sad for the price I paid.

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