Kani Douraku

As you know, on my last day in Japan, I visited the crazy streets of Namba in Osaka. Other  than trying some authentic Japanese ramen at 四天王拉面, we tried Namba’s famous crab restaurants. There were several along the streets and there would be a massive crab banner on top of each restaurant’s entrance.

We went to one of the famous ones and we had to wait an hour before it was our turn. By the time we went in, we were already exhausted from our day and semi-full from our ramen. Nevertheless, we decided to order their popular crab legs hot pot.

Apologies for the different photo contrasts.

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The presentation was impressive as usual. It’s definitely not easy to perfectly remove the shell from the crab and layer slimy crab meat in an organized manner.

The hot pot also came with vegetables, noodles and tofu to give us a fresh and healthy option.

2015-04-28 21.13.34

This might sound odd to some people but the hot pot broth was just water. To contain all of the fresh flavours in each ingredient, Japanese people like to hot pot with water then dip the food into ponzu sauce or eat it plainly. I really admire how simple and healthy the Japanese diet is and I was able to taste how fresh and juicy the crab legs were.

I highly recommend this place for people who would like to taste some fresh seafood other than sushi in Japan. If you’re in Osaka, stop by Kani Douraku for a crab feast like no other.