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I’m not sure if many of you know but Hong Kong actually has a ramen street. It’s not exactly official but I just call it the “ramen street” because that’s what the entire street has. I decided to publish this article now because Hong Kong is being unreasonably and unnaturally cold at the moment so ramen is the perfect go-to food to warm your stomach.

Hidden away from Time Square in Causeway Bay, Tang Lung St. probably has one of the most interesting groups of Japanese ramen shops. Ranging from cold udon noodles to thick pork broth ramen, you can practically find any type of ramen broth and ramen noodle on this street. If you see a line up, I can guarantee you that it’ll be something good. However, since I was under a time crunch, I decided to go for Kanada-Ya instead of waiting an hour in line for other ramen shops.

At Kanada-Ya, you can customize your own ramen, broth, toppings, spiciness level and noodle quantity. I love this concept because it gives me the freedom to get exactly what I want to cure my ramen cravings.

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Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

I was surprised to find pomelo in my ramen because it was a bit unnatural to find fruit in something as savoury and rich as ramen. I was very hesitant at first but the sweet addition was quite refreshing and I concur them for trying something unique like this.

The portions weren’t exactly filling but if it weren’t for their super thick broth, I wouldn’t be full. By far, Kanada-Ya has the thicket ramen broth I’ve ever had. The flavours were definitely strong but they could tone down on the broth thickness.

Overall, this wasn’t a stellar bowl of ramen noodles but if you just want something to satisfy your ramen cravings, Kanada-Ya will deliver.

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  1. Kevin

    Awesome idea Sharon. Thanks for thinking of us in HK. Freezing today!

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