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Another meal in Toronto that didn’t involve Chinese food! Trust me, there’s at least one more Chinese restaurant post coming up. After our visit to the Royal Ontario Museum on a rainy day, we went for some stone pot warmth at a Korean restaurant in Chinatown. I guess everyone other than my grandparents were pretty fed up with Chinese food. Ka Chi has an amazing review on Urbanspoon, so I recommended us to go try it out.

I tried taking pictures of all of our orders, but all the men in my family didn’t hesitate once their food was served. Typical.

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  • Small plates of Japchea, marinated potato, bean sprouts, zucchini and kimchi.
  • Japchea was delicious and I thought it was pretty generous of them to serve us something that would usually be considered an entrée.
  • Kimchi was too sweet and wasn’t sour or spicy. I’m pretty sure it was store bought.
  • Marinated potatoes had a salty and sweet taste to it. Some people might find it bland but it was simple and flavourful to me. I loved it.

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Kimchi Soup with Pork and Tofu (CAD7.50)

  • Extremly spicy that my lips were flaming. I’m not saying that’s bad because I love spicy food. My stomach was also ready for the bubbling soup of spices that helped my body warm up from the Toronto cold.
  • I barely found any pork in the soup but there was so much soft tofu.
  • Didn’t end up finishing this because the spices got a bit overwhelming at the end.
  • Even though it is only a stew, it does fill you up and get you sweating!

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Seaweed Udon Soup with Seafood (CAD7.95)

  • For those who want something warm and soothing without excitement, this is the best order.
  • Soup had no special taste to it and it was basically the normal udon broth you would find at any noodle shop.
  • Generous portions of fish cakes. My aunt loved how the hot soup would squirt out once she bit into it.
  • Barely any seafood…if you consider tiny prawns as seafood, then sure?

Ka Chi on Urbanspoon

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