Jang Mo Jib

Hotpot for winter is always welcoming so we decided to stop at Jang Mo Jib for dinner. Even though people told us that the place is good, I was incredibly disappointed. The service was turtle speed, wires were everywhere on the floor connected to cookers to heat the hot pots and the food was bad. In fact I wasn’t even full from the hot pot.

The restaurant was big with massive palace looking doors for their entrance. I wasn’t surprised that there was a line up since Korean food on Robson is pretty popular but I don’t know why people like Jang Mo Jib when there are other options available.

2013-02-23 19.13.24

Here’s the hot pot we ordered “Gam Ja Tahng (CAD27.95)” with pork back and neck bone, green onions, potatoes, yam noodles and their home made soup. I would like to point out that I liked how I saw bone in my soup so I knew that it was a natural taste. However there was too much bone and too little meat. In addition to the lack of meat in this order, the yam noodles were stuck to the bottom of the pot that it was hopeless to scrape it off. Not full and not happy. I am not coming back.

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