Itadakimasu Izakaya

Itadakimasu Izakaya just re-opened in Vancouver! This is actually a really overdue post because when I visited them, they still had their Groupon Deal. I should have been smart about this deal because since Itadakimasu Izakaya serves tapas, a Groupon deal wasn’t exactly worth it. We could only order two dishes with our Groupon and of course, since the portions were small, we were not full. The food wasn’t too exciting so we ordered what we could and we left.


Beef Sukiyaki

I would not call this beef sukiyaki because there were only two slices of beef and the rest of it was vegetables and soup.

The soup was quite bland and they only had one of each ingredient other than the cabbage. Even if this is a tapa restaurant, at least have two of each ingredient so two people can share equally.


Sushi Balls

Everyone was telling me to order their sushi  balls because they looked cute. These are definitely big in presentation but small in flavour and taste. There is no wow factor and the only benefit out of the sushi balls is how Instagram worthy it is.

Other than their unique display of sushi, these basically tasted like ordinary nigiri sushi charged for a higher price.

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