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Hot Chocolate Festival: Mink Chocolates

I finally got to try at least one hot chocolate featured in the Hot Chocolate Festival. My friend who works at Mink texted me that I must come and try their Paula Dean White Trash Trainwreck before they run out. I didn’t have any actual plans, so Jacky and I made a quick trip to Mink. We didn’t really know what we were going to get, but “hot chocolate” seems like a warm treat in the winter.

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Well… this isn’t your average “hot chocolate”. When Jacky and I sat down with our Paula Dean White Trash Trainwreck, we saw a couple sitting across us staring at us with their mouths open.  I can’t tell if they were in awe of the size or in awe of how heavy this dessert looks. This sweet indulgence in a cup is made of  70% melted dark chocolate ganache with condensed milk, salted kettle chips to give the chocolate a saltier hit, and whipped cream with a milk chocolate Mink square on top. Without the extras on the top, you can tip this baby over and the chocolate would slowly run down the edges. We also had to dig in with a spoon and it this definitely takes two to finish. I had a chocolate coma after this.

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