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A quick dinner at a Hong Kong style cafe was what I really needed to help my homesickness. Other than Chinese food at Richmond, Kingsway also offers an amount of Hong Kong and Chinese restaurants and markets. Honolulu Cafe is probably the cheapest restaurant around Kingsway for Hong Kong food and they offer similar items that I would see back home.

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Siong ordered the Stir Fried Udon with Sliced Beef and Enoki Mushrooms (CAD7.50) in a spicy black pepper sauce. I wasn’t surprised that the dish was covered in oil because Hong Kong fast food is like that. The taste is also simple even with the hint of spiciness from the black pepper. As you can see, portions are pretty big here too.

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I had to order the signature Baked Pork Chop on Rice (CAD6.75) that instantly took me back home. Smothered in thick tomato sauce are massive pieces of baked pork chop, rice and mixed vegetables. Every time I order this, I always end up having leftovers to bring home. I would highly recommend this dish if you want a taste of any local cafes in Hong Kong.

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This might not be so popular on the other hand. Jacky ordered the Baked Ox-Tongue with Tomato Sauce on Spaghetti (CAD6.95). In my opinion, ox-tongue is always chewy, tender and juicy. If this description already made you gag, then you should order something else. However even if ox-tongue is very popular in Hong Kong, it is not for the weak stomach. Are you brave enough to try tongue?

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  1. Wendy

    Love ox tongue! Can’t say it looks too appetizing at Honolulu though. How was it there?

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