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Maxim’s Hong Kong Day 美心香港地

I was window-shopping at Harbour City (海港城), and my stomach started to give me hints that I needed to eat. Harbour City, as you may know, is a very very very very very large shopping centre in Hong Kong. You would also become hungry if you walk through all the floors.

Again, I was looking for more affordable restaurants and came across Hong Kong Day (美心香港地). It was located in the middle of a more isolated segment of Harbour City. If you’re looking for ambience, it’s obviously not the best place.

2014-01-10 14.21.25

Ambiance was not great, but what is the point of a window view of Hong Kong Island on a hazy day anyway?

2014-01-10 14.01.51

I ordered a meal combination, and it came with the Hong Kong-styled milk tea. Seriously, who can say “no” to Hong Kong-styled milk tea?

2014-01-10 13.57.13

It also came with a vegetable soup. Mind you, Chinese vegetable soup could be very different than a Western vegetable soup or “borsch”. I thought the soup was flavourful with a mix of spices thrown into a tomato soup with soft vegetables.

2014-01-10 14.02.20

This was the main dish. Terrible. Just terrible. The white (Portuguese?) sauce was far too thick for my preference and why is it so grossly white? The pasta was a bit cold and the pork was a bit off. Did I like it?…No, I’m not even sure what to make of it any more.

If I remember correctly, I ordered the Baked Fusilli with Pork Loin and Herbs (HKD58). It sounded fancy but well…it looked like that.

I realize that I’ve been writing about less than positive restaurant reviews. I’ll write a positive review in the next one. Thanks for reading!

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