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Hapa hour at Hapa Izakaya was such a deal! After Jacky got off work, we decided to go to Hapa for dinner. What we forgot was that 5pm to 6pm was happy hour, so it was slightly embarrassing when we asked for the dinner menu. I was also surprised that I was pretty much too full to eat dinner after this.

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I haven’t had a drink in a while, so ordering the Spiked Pear Lemonade (CAD8) was just about right. Concocted out of pear puree, Absolut Pears, lemon juice and lime soda, this drink is the perfect chillax summer sipper.

2014.02.07 18.44.59

Sticking with the usual, Jacky had a Draft Beer (CAD4).

2014.02.07 18.44.50

I loved their Beef Tataki (CAD4.99) out of all our orders. The lightly seared AAA beef was incredibly tender and flavourful with the sesame chili sauce drizzled on top, radish slices, garlic chip, shaved white radish and green onions. The spicy seasoning from the sauce complimented the grainy taste in the beer.

2014.02.07 18.44.52

We mostly stuck with all the seafood options so we also had the Ika (CAD4.49) – grilled squid marinated with sake soy garlic sauce. I was slightly disappointed with how bland the grilled squid was, perhaps adding a smoky flavour from the grill and more sake soy garlic would help.

2014.02.07 18.44.53

Since everything was so cheap, we ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll (CAD4.29) just to ensure that our stomachs were full. I couldn’t taste a specific difference between Ahi Tuna and other tuna. I usually would be able to, but this just tasted like the average spicy tuna rolls sold in the cheap sushi stalls in Vancouver.

2014.02.07 18.44.54

All Japatapa restaurants have the Ebi Mayo (CAD4.99) with finger licking and sticky spicy mayo sauce. Their ebi mayo was a bit more covered in the spicy mayo sauce than Guu’s. The shrimps on the other hand weren’t as big or juicy as I hoped.

2014.02.07 18.44.55

Close up, the shrimps were a bit tiny on the side. The salad was added for a good measure.

2014.02.07 18.44.57
Jacky loved the lightly fried Hapa Hot Wings (CAD3.99) with spicy chili soy sauce. Similar to Phnom Penh’s wings, these weren’t drenched in oil, simple and juicy, and the flavours from the spicy chili soy was authentic and unique. 

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