Gyoza King

Before dessert at Chicco, I decided to go try out Gyoza King with Pauline due to all the compliments they have been receiving from my friends. I wasn’t exceptionally excited to go try Gyoza King because honestly, I didn’t hear many surprising comments about their gyozas. With that said, I can make gyozas at home as well. I was hoping that it would be unique so off I went.


Smoked Salmon Salad (CAD8.50)

This salad is perfect for the summer. All of the vegetables were crispy, cold and fresh.

The garlic chips and onions gave the salad an extra kick that made it savoury and tasty.

The only complaint I would have is to add more salmon. It was a bit disappointing to see bits and pieces of salmon.


Beef Yakiudon (CAD7.95)

The noodles were thinner and more chewy compared to udon I’ve had elsewhere.

For the price I paid, there was so much beef in this yakiudon. The beef was also juicy, soft and not too dry or salty.

The bonito flakes added a fishy taste and a unique texture to the  yakiudon.

The dish was not soaked in yaki sauce so it was not too salty and just about right.


Ebinira Gyoza 8pcs (CAD7.95)

What’s in it: Shrimp and chives gyoza and sweet soy sauce.

These gyozas were handmade and pretty much stuffed with filling. I was happy that each gyoza had at least one shrimp inside.

Gyozas had a soft bottom with a crispy top. There was juice squeezing out of the filling once you bit into it and I have to say that it is pretty good gyoza!

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